Our success is the result of an emphasis on partnership with everyone involved on the project.

As a contractor or project manager, you can rely on our commitment to teamwork. Listed below are just a few contacts for your reference. Others are available upon request.

Steve L. Cornwell, P.E.
Structural Engineering Consultants
410 Orchard Street, Suite 116
Boise, Idaho 83705


“We have worked with Brent Richards and Boise Steel Erectors on several projects over the years. The projects have been varied and include fall protection, lifting hardware, and erection plans. During the course of working on these projects with Brent and other members of Boise Steel Erectors it has become obvious that safety and doing things the right way is the top priority. Their knowledge of the job by the time they bring it to us is always excellent and they have thought through the best way to accomplish project goals safely and in a timely manner. We enjoy working with them and recommend Boise Steel Erectors for your future project erection needs.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 208-887-7760”

Cheryl Porter, Broker
HUB International
2600 Rose Hill, Suite 101
PO Box 5815
Boise, Idaho 83705

HUB International Mountain States Limited

“I have had the pleasure of working with Boise Steel Erectors for the past eleven years, on their worker’s compensation insurance. At the time, they were the first specialty contractor to become an OSHA partner.

Safety has always been a top priority for Brent Richards, not only for his employees but others at the jobsite. Brent is continuously looking for ways to inspire work safety among his employees. Boise Steel Erectors have an excellent safety program, and they conduct regular safety meetings and training. Together his employees discuss and analyze the hazards at each jobsite, work tasks, protective safety equipment necessary and protective steps that are needed to ensure everyone’s safety.

Jobsite issues as well as employee workplace incidents are identified and corrected as they occur. Workers’ compensation claims are all noted by the top management and thoroughly investigated. Workers’ compensation injuries, as well as near miss incidents, are investigated and discussions on how to avoid future incidents take place. The site safety observation reports are completed to ensure safety for their employees and for other contractors that may have an impact on Boise Steel Erectors.

When there is a workers’ compensation claim, they are very proactive in reporting the claim immediately and making sure the employee receives prompt attention. Boise Steel Erectors are always cooperative in providing an employee light duty when work restrictions are given. They are very professional and we appreciate the opportunity to work with them on their insurance.”

Gary Palmer & Jamin Wills, Owners
K&T Steel Corp.
322 Diamond Avenue West
PO Box 291
Twin Falls, Idaho 83303-0291

K&T Steel Corp.

“K&T Steel Corp. has been in the steel fabrication business since 1959, and have worked with Boise Steel Erectors on many projects over the years. In 2008 we teamed up on the St Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center project. This state of the art medical facility was constructed over several years and incorporated over 3,500 tons of structural steel. It was a pleasure to work with Brent and his crews, they were always responsive and available to address changes and work conditions throughout the large project. Safety, quality and professionalism are just a few words that describe BSE. I would recommend Boise Steel Erectors for any future projects.”

Tom Hayes, Senior Superintendent
Andersen Construction

Andersen Contruction

“With astounding satisfaction in working with Boise Steel. I want to share my recommendation’s for this Awesome company.

I have worked with Boise Steel on a site as a Superintendent and as a PM/Estimator on several jobsites.

Boise Steel has some of the most gifted and friendly people on their crews. They are very organized and are very intelligent when steel comes miss fabricated. They show their experience and loyalty to the project job site. Boise Steel has their crews organized, men working together and share with their team on site what the objectives are and what the durations need to be. They organize material and trucks to support all their work till completed. Boise Steel Superintendents work hard with the GC on flow, durations, completions for all deck pours and coordination with all team members on the jobsite without complaining. This is a HUGE asset on every jobsite.

Boise Steel has one of the safest fall arrest systems that I have seen in the last 38 years in construction. It is carefully planned and is safe for everyone. Most Steel erectors have cumbersome plans, Boise steel has it down to a science and their workers have a feel of freedom and with great mobility, but safe at the same time. Boise steel is above the highest standards in safety in their industry.

Working with Boise Steel on the bidding and design end of projects. They show how much experience, knowledge and integrity in helping with budgets. They always surprise me when I call them in to meet and work up plans to increase schedules and increase and simplify means and methods. They are always on time and willing to work with Andersen to work thru the issues and come up with alternatives at every point.

With my thoughts, Boise Steel is at the TOP in this area as the very best, as they give their best.”